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Concierge Audio Product Warranty

Concierge Audio prides itself in its manufacturing of audio equipment of the highest quality. We believe the same attention to quality extends to our warranty and service.


Standard Warranty

Our standard warranty extends five (5) years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers all parts and materials, including our System Electronics Module (SEM).

In the event there is an electrical or mechanical issue, in most instances service will be conducted at your premises, by a Concierge Sales Agent, who will diagnose and replace any parts that require repair. In the rare instance your component requires factory service, your Concierge will arrange for pickup, manage shipment to the factory and then return the component to you, reinstall and re-calibrate the speaker if necessary. All at no cost to you.

Cosmetic panels are warranted for the same five year period to be free of defects. If a panel requires replacement, contact your Concierge and he/she will order a replacement for you and install it at your premises. The warranty does not extend to panels that are damaged through abuse or misuse.


Extended Warranty (Concierge+)

Any time prior to the expiration of your standard warranty, you have the option to extend your warranty in two (2) year increments. The extended warranty is equal to 10% of your purchase price and is good for two years. Prior to the extended warranty expiration date, you can extend the warranty again. You may do this twice for a total extended warranty of four (4) years, providing a complete warranty period for nine (9) years.


Technology Warranty (Concierge++)

Technology can change rapidly. Our Technology Warranty is an additional option that runs concurrently with your Standard Warranty. It must be purchased at the time of product purchase and is 20% of the base price. Under this warranty, Concierge Audio will automatically upgrade any component (other than the cabinet) any time we make a technical improvement to your purchased product. This allows you as a customer to maintain a state-of-the art music system during the life of the warranty. All upgrades will be provided by your Concierge Sales Agent at your premises and at your convenience with no charge to you.


All warranties are applicable only to the original purchaser of a Concierge Audio product. (We don't think you will want to sell them).


Contact Us

You can contact Concierge Audio directly via the email address below or by phone for warranty service. You can always contact your Concierge Sales Agent who is there to serve you when needed.


Concierge Audio LLC

55 Moray PL

Covington, GA 30014


Email Address:


Telephone number



Effective as of January 01, 2023

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