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Why Our Music Systems
Are Extraordinary

Concierge Audio offers a new approach

It’s based on simplicity and fully wireless connectivity. It utilizes a state-of-the-art system designed to work specifically and optimally as a synergistic platform, maximized for the best sound quality. It is timeless value, allowing  music connoisseurs to fully enjoy their investment for many years.

Our Core Principles

It must be beautiful

Most ultra-luxury loudspeakers have an in-your-face appearance. They are big and have any number of speaker drivers staring at you. We have taken the opposite approach. We focused on simplicity and elegance. The RMS One is the smallest design possible that provides reference level performance. No visible drivers, enclosed in a traditional cabinet that looks less like a loudspeaker and more like a work of art.

It must be versatile

Every home is unique, and every homeowner has their own unique style. We designed the RMS One with the flexibility to fit in any home while allowing you to select from an almost unlimited choice of finishes. And we didn’t stop there. We engineered a system that allows you flexibility to change the finish at any time…in less than a minute.


It must offer reference performance

The finest luxury automobiles must successfully combine design and performance. We do the same. The RMS One features the most sophisticated components ever included in a self-contained loudspeaker system. The result is a captivating musical experience that allows you to rediscover the joy and beauty of music.


It must use the finest materials

The RMS One features the finest materials and finishes available. It boasts 25 pounds of solid aluminum, machined to the tightest tolerances, then polished and chromed. Our FlexFinish™ panels use the finest veneers, metals, leathers and MetalPaint™ to create an elegant, luxurious design that is completely unique.

It must be simple to use

One of our greatest advantages is just how simple the RMS One is to use. The polar opposite of complex, difficult-to-learn and operate music systems, the RMS One doesn’t require an owner’s manual. Simply stream music from any device with a modern USB port: a phone, tablet or computer.


It must be simple to service

We’ve made the RMS One the simplest-to-service music system available. Our SimpleSwap™  electronics module can quickly be replaced for service and upgrades in less than a minute. Should your RMS One require maintenance, your Concierge keeps a spare module on hand and will exchange it. You never have to be without music.

It must have lasting value

The RMS One is a true investment. We offer the finest service and warranty, with the ability to maintain pace with ever-changing technology. Should you select your finish from one of our artists, the  RMS One may increase its value over time. What other luxury performance music system offers this possibility?

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