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Desert Blooms Pair V2.jpg
Desert Blooms Pair V2.jpg

Meet Maggie West


Maggie West is a Los Angeles based artist, specializing in vibrant photography, large art installations and NFTs

West has created large scale artwork and installations for companies such as Standard Vision, Netflix, The Standard Hotels and Kilroy Realty.  Her recent commercial clients include Universal Music, Adidas and Speedo.

Most recently, Maggie completed a large scale installation as the featured artist at the 2023 Coachella Music Festival. The installation was based on her love of nature and flowers and thousands of attendees used the installation as their backdrop for photography. We find her work extraordinary and are excited to collaborate with her.

Meet Charles AP, AKA Blackout Brother

Charles A.P., also known as Blackout Brother, is a graphic artist and freelance illustrator based in Indonesia.

Blackout Brother Logogram.png

Charles specializes in dark vector art. He loves skulls, Japanese tattoo art and Star Wars characters. His art is unique and trends toward the fantastical. His Hannya designs for Concierge Audio are both unique and dynamic. We love his work.

Throughout his career, Charles has always explored his graphic techniques and refined the quality and detail of his illustrations. And the journey still continues. He has contributed to projects for clients including Nike, Ubisoft, Bicycle Cards, Prossups, G fuel and many more.

Hannya Red Pair.jpg
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