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Concierge Level Service is Built into Our Name. It's Our Core Mission.

The age of real service returns

As a discerning customer, we know the value of real, meaningful service. You expect it. Your personal Concierge delivers it.


Meet your Concierge

Our concierges are dedicated to provide you exceptional service. Whether consulting, 

demonstrating Concierge Audio Reference Music Systems in your home, providing support and optimizing your system for peak performance. Your concierge will provide the highest levels of service.

We make it simple

You’ve come to our website. Simply schedule an appointment for a personal consultation and/or an in-home demonstration.


Your concierge will work with you on a day and time you prefer,  to listen to a Concierge Audio Reference Music System in your home. He will optimize system performance and provide demonstrations in music genres of your choice that show just how powerful and beautiful a Concierge Audio Reference Music System can sound.

Enjoy the experience

Your concierge will provide sample swatches of our available finishes. Take time to enjoy the music and selection process. If you want to proceed, connect with your concierge who will assist you with your order and purchase.


Your Concierge will deliver and install your

CA Reference Music System for you. He install and optimize your system and will show you how to use your phone and/or tablet to stream your favorite music., and once you're satisfied, remove all packaging.

Connect with us and we'll connect you with your Personal Concierge


Richard Frank


Allen Osborne


Ric Kimbell


Bill Allen


Matt Santa Maria


Scott Pratt


Jeff Kussard


Chris Young


Mark Yount


Fred Kleid

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