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The RMS One by Concierge Audio
The World’s Finest Wireless Music System

Experience Extraordinary Sound
With a sonic presentation that completely envelopes and engages you, the RMS One recreates the musical experience with a scale and power that leaves you breathless. 

Experience Extraordinary Craftsmanship
Crafted in the USA using the finest materials and components and fitted to precise tolerances the RMS One exhibits genuine luxury. It is truly a work of art.

Experience Extraordinary Possibilities
The RMS One’s Flex Finish™ offers architects and interior designers unlimited design options. Your home is a work of art. Your music system should be as well.

Experience Extraordinary Service
Our certified Concierges will demonstrate the RMS One in your home, at your convenience. The only authentic way to experience extraordinary performance.


Seamlessly Blending Art And Music
A Truly Bespoke Design Customized For You


The Art of Sound
The RMS One frees you to envision the perfect music system for your home. Offering near limitless finish options in wood, metal, leather and our exclusive Metal Paint,” The RMS One frees you to create a design with the highest finish standards. Plus, our patent-pending FlexFinish™ allows you to create multiple finishes to fit your mood. Changing the panels is simple and only requires minutes.

The Sound of Art
A self-contained music system, each speaker features state-of-the art amplification, digital signal processing and wireless technology. It is the only music system that allows you to stream music natively, without any special apps. And it does so flawlessly, sending high-resolution digital music directly to the speakers, providing an unsurpassed musical experience that can be described as transcendent.

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A Music System Incomparable to Any Other
The RMS One is in a Class by Itself


Incomparable Design
The RMS One offers a singuarly unique design solution that upends traditional music systems, replacing complex systems that require many components with a self-contained, fully-integrated system in each speaker. No other electronics are required. Unlike any other system, we offer near-limitless finsh options in wood, metal, leather and our exclusive Metal Paint™. And you are not limited to a single finish. Our patent-pending FlexFinish™ let’s you quickly swap other designs.

Incomparable Technology
The RMS One features the most sophisticated technology ever employed in a complete music system. It features a digital processing unit that serves as the brain of the system. It is extraordinarily powerful, and provides perfect 24-bit playback. The RMS One utilizes an active, three-way amplification system that delivers 600 watts of power for the ultimate in sound reproduction. And it features world-class room optimization software used in 70,000 recording studios, to ensure your listening experience is perfect in your home.

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The RMS One is Built for a Lifetime of Enjoyment
Our Concierge-Level Service Reflects This

Technology advances rapidly

Most audio systems quickly become obsolete. The RMS One is engineered with a fully modular design and our SimpleSwap™ electronics are plug-and-play, requiring no expertise to install.  Should any component ever fail or you wish to upgrade, your Concierge can quickly do so.


Be secure with ConciergeCare

We offer a complete five-year warranty that covers any service. While we build all music systems to the highest quality levels, sometimes an electronic component can break. Rather than sending the system back for service, Concierge Audio will replace it the next day. No other luxury  elextronics manufacturer offers this level of service.

Extend your Investment with ConciergeCare Plus

We offer two unique added warranty options;. You can purchase an extended warranty for two more years, just purchase it before your standard warranty ends. And/or you can purchase a technology warranty that adds free upgrades any time we offer them.

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