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Bill Allen

About Bill

Bill worked in his uncles TV repair shop from a very young age and by the time he was 10 was able to solder and perform repair tasks. 

By 12 Bill had built his own music system from popular kit components and speakers that were available to those with the skills to assemble them.

This carried on into the military where Bill focused on avionics which led to his career as an Avionic Technician for a Major airline

During this time Bill never lost his drive to pursue high end home music systems owning some of the most exotic audio components and even starting a import business to bring into the US audio systems designed by truly unique companies.

However Bill’s true passion is demonstrating music systems to new listeners.  Rest assured Bill will make certain the magic of the RMS One music system comes across during your appointment.

Schedule an appointment with Bill

You can book a phone consultation, in-home demonstration, purchase and installation, or a service call using our booking calendar below.

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