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The Engineering That Makes Our Systems Extraordinary

The Speaker Enclosure

Our enclosure is designed  to provide a highly rigid structure to reduce resonances and is fabricated from chemical free 1" high-density wood fiber, braced in 10 locations. The system is further dampened with interior sound absoprtion and damping material. When combined with our  high density polycarbonate speaker panels, the result is a resonant free structure for speaker drivers and system electronics.

Low Frequency Drivers

The RMS One features six 6.5" low frequency speakers, sourced from the US. Each uses patented XBR® technology that extends the speaker's operating range while reducing distortion. Configured as a line source, the six drivers provide the equivalent  of two 10" woofers, yet provide much faster response. Utilizing our digital crossover, low-frequency response is 25Hz in a typical room.

Mid and High Frequency Drivers

Featuring a dual-coincident driver topology and sourced from Norway, the mid and high frequency drivers feature magnesium cones for lightness and rigidity. Covering frequencies from 120Hz - 20kHz, they provide a perfectly time and phase aligned, wide vertical and horizontal off-axis frequency response. The cabinet is designed to optimize sound dispersion without diffraction interference, resulting in a dramatic soundstage and a you-are-there listening experience.



Sourced from the Netherlands, Each RMS One is tri-amplified, with 250 watts of power to the low frequency drivers, 250 watts to the midrange driver and 100 watts to the high frequency driver. The result is a system with lightening quick, high dynamic range, low distortion response with a maximum Sound Pressure Level of 110db. 

The RMS One sounds unlike any traditional "box" speaker.  Its design overcomes limitations typical  with passive speakers, providing a sense of sonic realism that is not possible with speakers similar to RMS One's dimensions.

Digital Signal Processor

Sourced from the US, each RMS One features the most powerful DSP and DAC ever included in an active speaker system.  It converts every source signal to 24bit/192kHz prior to signal processing, resulting in an ultra low noise, jitter-free signal sent to the crossover and then to the DAC.  Our DSP has so much horsepower it accommodates additional features including sophisticated room correction and advanced signal processing found in no other active loudspeaker design.


Wireless Technology

Sourced in the US, the RMS One features wireless technology from Audality.  It required three years of wireless evaluation to find a solution that could provide the technology required for the RMS One.

Featuring 17 patents, Audality sends a fully encrypted end-to-end signal on its own 2.4 gig wireless network, thus eliminating noise and dropouts inherent to any other wireless system.  With a transmission radius up to 200 feet and transmitting signals up to 24 bit, the digital signal is sent directly to the DSP.  Simply, our wireless system is the very best currently available.

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