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Desert Blooms Volume 3 Maggie West

Desert Blooms Volume 3 Maggie West


When launching our RMS One Reference Music System, we sought a collaboration with one of the West Coast's most exciting visual artists; Maggie West. Maggie is renowned for her visual interpretations of dynamic, large art installations. She was the featured artist at this year's Coachella Music Festival and has designed installations featured all over the world. You can vew some of her incredible work here.


Maggie specializes in vivid and surreal photography of every day things found in nature. We commissioned her to create a series of four designs using this photography motif. The result is both understated and stunning at the same time.


Applied using our MetalPaint™ process, her photography is elegant. When bathed in light, Desert Blooms becomes luminescent; glowing and appearing to float on the speaker panel.


Delivery Time is approximately 4 - 6 weeks.


Price is for a pair (2) of speakers.

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