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  • Let's peak "under the hood""
    You don’t need to know what’s under the hood to fully enjoy and appreciate the Bella Musica Dodici Reference System. But if you are interested here is what to know. 3 way, fully active loudspeaker. Each speaker contains 6 rear facing, high-speed, highly linear, long-throw woofers that cover the frequency range of 25hz – 200hz. This unusual configuration is only possible because we incorporate a state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and digital crossover that is simply the most powerful to be incorporated in a music reference system. In fact, the processor is so powerful, it can process hi-res music, room correction, provide perfect speaker time alignment and allow the Concierge to digitally tune the speaker to your listening room in real time, allowing you to immediately hear the improvements in your sound.
  • What is an "active" loudspeaker?"
    Active loudspeakers contain the power amplifiers that drive the speakers. Active speakers (such as the Bella Musica) also contain the DSP, Room Correction and wireless chip, as well as a computer controller that manages how the system works. This design approach offers tremendous advantages over traditional passive speakers. These advantages include: A wholistic design approach. Amplifiers can be perfectly matched to the associated speakers. The DSP allows the designer to accurately “tune” each driver, removing peaks and valleys in frequency response that are found in almost all speakers. And it can do this without complicated crossover networks that can cause other sonic complications. A perfectly tuned system. This approach allows each driver to be optimized for best sound and performance. And it allows an experienced speaker designer to “voice” the speaker to provide the sound character he/she desires from the speakers. The result is complete, cohesive sound and the blending of these drivers. Bella Musica Reference Music Systems also incorporate room correction software to further optimize the sound of your system in your home. This advanced technology is critical to achieving the best possible sound from your speakers. Every listening room has its own unique sonic “signature” that dramatically impacts what you hear. In fact, your listening room can create dramatic negative sounds, particularly in very low to mid frequencies. We use Dirac Live® to calibrate these frequencies for optimal musical playback. Your concierge will perform this service for you, and you can experience for yourself the “before and after” impact of this calibration. Perfect time alignment. The ear is an incredible organ that can detect small differences in the time arrival from different speakers. Even a few milliseconds time difference from the bass, midrange and high frequency speakers will completely change how you “hear” music. Digital DSP allows Concierge Audio Designers to calibrate each speaker, so the arrival times are literally perfect.
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