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AXPONA Press Release
Concierge Audio RMS One
High Performance Music System

August 12, 2024

Concierge Audio presents the World Premiere of the RMS One at AXPONA 2024

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The RMS One is the culmination of four years of R & D into the creation of a wireless, active, state-of-the-art music system. “Our goal was to realize a fully integrated playback solution equaling the performance of traditional audio systems. We believe we’ve achieved our goal and are pleased to debut the RMS One at its world premiere at AXPONA 24. As the largest high-end show in America, AXPONA allows Concierge Audio the best opportunity to demonstrate the RMS One to media outlets and customers who demand the finest performance in a music system,” notes Ric Kimbell, Managing Director.


“When we began this venture, existing wireless solutions were not capable of delivering the convenience, reliability, and performance we required to create a reference music system. We spent considerable time and resources evaluating every possible wireless solution and only now have realized our technical expectations.”


The RMS One’s overall design is based on three criteria; achieving the highest levels of music reproduction, providing the most stable and convenient wireless delivery, and offering a design aesthetic that lends itself to the needs and desires of affluent clients.


“We interviewed affluent homeowners about their concerns with expensive audio systems and their preferences regarding the style of speakers that would be desirable in their homes. Their overwhelming response was the need for a music system that could be customized to their décor and that didn’t have large, exposed speakers on the cabinet.”


To meet our clients’ needs, Concierge Audio introduces its patent pending FlexFinish™ panel system that allows RMS One owners a near limitless selection of finishes in wood, metal, and leather, including bespoke finishes. Our panels can be interchanged in minutes, allowing clients to change the look of their RMS Ones at any time. Another feature of our panel system is our collaboration with well-known artists to create truly unique designs that enhance both the look and value of the RMS One.  Concierge Audio will be demonstrating this feature at our room at AXPONA.


Equally important to our client’s is simplicity and convenience. The RMS One makes it simple to stream music and videos from a phone, tablet, computer or streamer. No special apps are required, and the RMS is “always on” ready to play when you want to listen.


Another patent pending feature is our SimpleSwap™ System Electronics Module (SEM). Unlike any other active speaker system our SimpleSwap™ technology makes it convenient to replace the SEM in mere seconds, should there ever be a need to update or replace it.


The RMS One is engineered to meet the highest performance standards, utilizing the finest speaker drivers, amplification, DSP and DACs. Our design approach allowed Concierge Audio to develop an end-to-end solution that meets our exacting performance expectations, resulting in a musical experience equal to the most sophisticated systems available.



Type: Three-way, fully active speaker system

Bass: Six 6.5” rear-firing, long-throw, low distortion drivers
Mid and Highs: 6.5” magnesium midrange and 1.0” magnesium Coincident Coaxial driver
Frequency Response: Typical 25Hz – 20kHz, +/- 3dB
Power: Three Hypex Class D amplifiers delivering a total of 600W per speaker

DSP: Custom Danville Signal Geywolf DSP and AKM ADC/DAC

Wireless: High-Res streaming with a 200-foot range supporting up to four speakers

Room Correction: Sonarworks full frequency room correction. Used in 140,000 recording studios worldwide.


Concierge Audio upholds the belief that to truly appreciate the RMS One's capabilities, one must experience it in their unique space. Thus, each potential customer is offered an exclusive home demonstration by handpicked Authorized Concierge Agents.


Concierge Audio is comprised of audio veterans who have 150 years of professional experience with Audio Research, Infinity, Harman Kardon, JBL among other well-known brands. Our goal is to design and manufacture the finest wireless, active music systems for affluent music lovers.


To learn more, visit the Concierge Audio website:


For press inquiries contact:

Ric Kimbell

Phone: 770-733-2203


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